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About Us

The FIRST Realistic and movement-based basketball game in virtual Reality.

What’s it like to play like LeBron, Curry, Taurasi or Candace? Fans attempt to emulate their moves but they don’t have the physical attributes to ever come close. But now they can, with Virtual Round Ballers™ (VRB) basketball experiences.  VRB is creating the first immersive and realistic basketball matchups in virtual reality, allowing fans of all ages to feel what it's like to play against the best!

VRB Preseason:

VRB will offer a realistic and movement-based one-on-one basketball simulation in virtual reality whereby a fan competes against a pro or collegiate athlete avatar employing VRB’s patent-pending algorithm that works like a golf handicap, leveling the playing field allowing fans of all ages to compete.  Available on Oculus App Lab in early 2024.  

VRB intends to enter the market in the 2023-2024 basketball season by offering a first-look at the game through activations at NBA team arenas and D1 college basketball events.




Christine Schwarz

Co-Founder & COO


Nick Nedeau

Co-Founder & CEO


JarMarcus King


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Brandon Khan

VP of Software Development


Noah Yates

Member Board of Advisors


Howard Akumiah

Member Board of Advisors


Orion VanDerlinde, PhD.

Member Board of Advisors

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Professor Brian Salisbury

Member Board of Advisors

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The FIRST interactive VR experience for the masses.

Muskegon, Michigan 49445

Hampton, Virginia 23669

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